About Us

We hate wasting food. There is nothing worse than throwing something into the bin that could have been a delicious meal. That is the number one drive behind Cupboard Checker.

The average family throws away 24 meals a month what a waste! And that that is only the tip of the (ahem) iceberg. Think about the costs in storing, refrigerating, transporting, packaging and marketing that food that then sadly ends up in landfill.

We think we can help in a very practical way. Our website and web app will help you manage your inventory of food in your cupboards, freezers and shopping lists and allow you to access these when you are shopping. The next time you are in the supermarket and you can’t remember if you’ve got lasagne sheets, check CupboardChecker and you’ll be able to see if you’ve got some! Your partner went out shopping earlier and didn’t tell you? Doesn’t matter – CupboardChecker will let you know!

How? There are lots of shopping apps, but CupboardChecker allows you to share your inventory with other people. A family in one house? Have a cupboard with a shared shopping list and cupboard you can access! Living in a house share? Have a cupboard for just the in joint things you buy, keep the rest private! Having a party? Share a party cupboard with the people coming so you don’t have everyone buying the same thing.

We know this will save you money, save you double buying and wasting food. Hope you like it. Oh, forgot to say – just sign up, it’s free!

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